Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Would love to be moving like this!

And, as a result of a total hip surgery I am now a bionic woman and will soon will be buzzing around!  I thought I would be writing lots of blogs as I recovered but was in no frame of mind to do any writing!

This card wasn’t designed to be a get well card but Judy said it just seemed so appropriate for someone who has the use of only one leg!  I agree.


For three weeks following surgery this walker contraption and I were (reluctant on my part) best friends. . .


Then this cute cane on loan from my friend Sandy took over as my (again, reluctant on my part) good friend:


Now, a few months later, this bionic woman is hobbling around on her own power and we’re even doing some traveling!

Glad to be back to the Blogging world!


  1. I have had a hip and knee replaced - but thing I have ever done - you go girl - you will be so happy!

  2. Oh! No! I didn't know. I hope all is healing well and in only a short few months you will feel as good as new, or as close to new as possible. My husband had knee replacement surgery two years ago and he is very pleased with it. I wondered where you were, glad to hear why you were AWOL from blogging.