Monday, May 13, 2013

It’s a dog’s life. . .

Dulee is happy. . .Harvey’s Lake Tahoe has pet-friendly rooms and he feels so special!

In our room he was greeted with a doggy placemat, two nicely decorated bowls for his water and food, a clip-on case of poop bags and gourmet Alaska’s Bakery dog treats! (He doesn’t like the gourmet treats, guess he’s just not a gourmet-type dog.  He prefers his Charlee Bear treats which are “healthy” rather than gourmet.)


He happily sighed and settled quite comfortably on the bed.


Of course, nature calls and Dulee has not only a map for finding his “bathroom”. . .DSCN9063

But the path to the “bathroom” is also marked outside on the sidewalk!



And he hangs his door tag when he is in.


His view from our room on the 14th floor.


He’s come a long way from his days as a stray on the streets of Orange County!


  1. Now that's quite a dog-friendly environment, I'd say. Sure makes it easier on a pet owner, I'll bet.

  2. Oh my goodness he sure has and he is precious I might add. sandie

  3. I was here visiting early this morning Betty, but was in such a rush I didn't comment but now I'm in no rush so can dally a bit. I LOVE this dog-friendly place! IF there is anything like it in Oz I have never seen or heard of it! It's wonderful! Dulee seems to take it as his due -chuckle-
    It's hard to believe this little cutie was a 'street-dog'.
    You're welcome to the quote and great to see you call by!