Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pinterest, I love it BUT. . .

I just spent the last hour (or so) browsing, “liking” and Pinning on Pinterest.  I love Pinterest but what is the point? I have a bunch of Boards and lots of items pinned on them.   I “follow” 44 other Pinners and have 29 who follow Me, most of whom I don’t personally know.


Why do I need to collect pictures of “All kinds of critters?”


I know why I started this Board.  GET and I used to follow “love is…” in the newspaper because we related to this little loving couple.


I love to read, love libraries and search out Carnegie Libraries as we travel the country.  Other than really liking the libraries I’ve posted I’m not sure why I spend time collecting and posting them on Pinterest!


I’ve always saved quotes and “words to live by” in a little book.  Now I post my favorites on a board.  DSCN9395

The main board on Pinterest.  All kinds of intriguing pictures and subjects to browse through and “Pin It” to my boards!


I do enjoy it and will continue to Pinterest even though I don’t know why!  Come see me on Travelerlady if you also like to spend time doing something of dubious value!  Who needs a reason!

Not Me. . .Happy Pinning!

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  1. :) I "pin", too. For me, the key is knowing WHY I do - which is that it is my FILE SYSTEM! Since I also facebook and "tweet", it is crucial for me to be clear - in my own mind, at least - why I do what I do. BTW, I love libraries, too. Preferably the old ones that wear their histories with pride & character...