Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Walkie Talkie Thoughts by a friend…

My friend Sal wrote this and I like it so much I got permission from him to share it with you.  I wish I had written it!

This is not a story about hand held radios. It is a story of an observation I've made over the past four days. I have been...
working turn two at Laguna Seca for a five day motorcycle event. Each day after lunch I've notice two woman walking briskly around the lake bed area. The entire time they are involved in rapid conversation. At one point in their chosen course they pass close enough to turn two for me to hear them but not really understand what they are saying.
This got me to wondering as I have many times in the past. Where do people find so much to talk about?

These two women were either good old friends with a lot of catching up to do. Or co-workers gossiping about co-workers. Whatever the subject they seemed to enjoy sharing their thoughts with each other.

Note from me:  I don’t think I could EVER talk that long!
It's about a mile around the lake bed area and they do about eight laps. Imagine walking eight miles and talking the whole time.

Note from me:  I particularly can relate to this next paragraph, especially about those with a gift for gab that GET has!
Those of you who know me know I am not much of a talker. This doesn't mean there is nothing going on in my head. On the contrary there is a lot, maybe too much to consolidate into a sentence. When I was a child my family would always ask,"How come you don't talk?" And my father would reply "Oh he's just shy." This was not the case. I was and continue to be an observer of mankind. Also I have learned that if I open my mouth I only create a larger space to insert my foot. So I choose to keep my mouth closed before the sarcasm comes flowing out. Which it usually does. And I have learned that not everyone is a fan of sarcasm. But I envy those who are blessed with the gift of gab. It creates good public relations and can get you far in life.

Note from me:  Sal has this picture of him posted on Facebook.  Sarcastic expression at this age?

1455124_407235292736864_513415546_n SAL baby

So tomorrow when I see those two women walking an talking, I will smile to myself and think, they must be good friends who haven't driven each other crazy. Yet.

Note from me: This has nothing to do with the thoughts Sal shared here but all of us that know him love to see photos of him during his younger years!  A hippie at Disneyland?  Sure appears so!

941491_404062416387485_1331085519_n SAL hippie

Note from me:  I guess even very good friends drive each other crazy sometimes but its almost always a temporary crazy!


  1. Ha-ha! 8 miles of talking. Don't think I could do that. A friend and I walk at school and there are lapses in our conversations even during the 20-30 minutes that we are able to talk and walk. I think being with someone and not feeling the need to talk is also a very good thing. When my husband I walk, we both have our own music to listen to. No talking. I like what Sal had to say about being an "observer of mankind". I think that describes my oldest son. My husband always described him as shy but I always said that wasn't the case. He is studying psychology in college now. I would definitely say he is an observer and that is a very good thing. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  2. I just smiled as I read this today. My husband and I are retired, therefore spend a lot of time together. One day we were somewhere and there we sat talking to each other, when another friend came up and said: "What do you two have to talk about, you are together 24/7?" We just laughed, I hadn't thought of it quite that way. Enjoyed your friends viewpoints, fun read.

  3. Hi Betty
    I've just enjoyed catching up on all of your recent posts, I love hearing about your RV lifestyle!
    Thank you for your sweet words about my precious pooch.
    And I'm so terribly sorry to read in a previous post about your sister.
    Fond thoughts