Saturday, April 12, 2014

Livin’ and lovin’ the life…

We became lasting friends with fellow full time RVers Gina and Harold whom we met, interestingly enough, in our home base Monterey, California.  We are all Californians and throughout our full timing years the four of us have regularly returned to host at Laguna Seca in Monterey.  And, while on the road, we’ve even met up for a meal or so as our paths crossed as we crisscrossed the country.

When Harold posted this on Facebook a few days ago he struck a nerve with us about how their love of full time RVing parallels ours so closely. None of us can imagine not having a home that moves. And I’m guessing that there are many of you who feel the same about this lifestyle.  So I asked him if I could share his post as a “guest blogger” on Journeyin’. . .living & traveling in a RV.”


My comment on Facebook: “You’re ahead of us by five months and 28 days!  And we agree with everything you said…and you said it beautifully.  We are so fortunate to count you as good friends!  (BUT, we have you beat in the states-we’ve done all 50, 49 in our rig-hard to drive a RV to Hawaii!)”  

In return Harold said:  ”Our book when we write it is going to be called, “No, we haven’t done Alaska yet.”

Gina and Harold are avid cyclists and also hikers.  GET and I are not!  The bikes we toted on the back of our fifth wheel finally rusted from so little use.Harold Gina bikesThey live and travel in a motorhome with a little red car in tow while our home is a fifth wheel which we tow with a 3/4 ton diesel truck. Harold Gina mhHere, we are set up in a RV park in Simsboro, Louisiana. We even had a deck!DSCN2031

Is one better than the other?  No, I don’t think so, just a matter of personal choice. We chose a fifth wheel because we only have one engine to content with and maybe a little more living space but could have just as easily chose a motorhome.  Coincidentally, their motorhome is a 2007 model as is our 5th wheel!

They have seen their family grow during their 20 years on the road with the birth of two beautiful granddaughters.

Harold and Gina granddaughters

While we have welcomed a granddaughter, Mary and two grandsons, Stanley and Will whom we call the Little Ones. Grandson Jorden was born not too long before we took to the road.DSCN9932

No, we will be not be one of those epitaph states “Wish I could have worked longer!”

“I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done.” Lucille Ball


  1. What a wonderful lifestyle Betty and yes indeed there are some wonderful and amazing full time RVers out there. I so enjoy reading of your adventures!

  2. Saw your comment on our blog, thought I'd come over and have a look at yours! I'm from California, matter of fact my parents live in Prunedale. We've applied for workamping at Laguna Seca, now I see why we didn't get the Nice to 'meet' you!

  3. It must be wonderful to travel like this! Your photos are lovely, thank you so much for sharing.