Thursday, February 06, 2014

I live in a small space so…

I decided to try to make a small little planter project I found, both in a magazine (maybe Sunset or Good Housekeeping?) and on Pinterest.  Yes, they are corks…the left is a wine cork and the right a cork from a Barefoot Champagne bottle.


I ripped the idea out of the magazine awhile ago and put it up on the refrigerator.


Then assembled everything I needed for the project.  I actually used the little clamps I buy at Harbor Freight as clamps!  (I use them as chip bag clips.)  The magnetic strip comes with a sticky backing but I also white-glued the strip on the cork after I had shaved one side flat.  Then clamped the strips until the glue was dry.  GET used his big construction type drill to make a hole in one end of the cork…overkill of use for the drill he said but it worked!  I used the old spoon to place a tiny amount of potting soil into the hole and the brown chopstick to pack the soil around the plant.


I snuck--SHHH!--over to the neighbors to steal two teeny cuttings of a succulent.  I have dozens of succulents on the deck back at Laguna Seca but I am still staying in my sister’s home while it is for sale and she has no succulents in her yard.


These tiny little plants will take just a tiny bit of space in my 5th wheel RV home when we are back home.  I think I like the champagne cork planter the best!  I will try and find some with unique graphics.  And I won’t mind the search one bit!


Cheers!  Here’s to more teeny planter pots!


  1. I love the header photo Betty, it's gorgeous!
    Very creative idea with the corks, and I promise, I won't tell the neighbors!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. That is amazing! I'm so impressed with your growing skills!