Friday, May 16, 2008

Journeyin' - 14 years and counting

Full time RVing is living and traveling full time in a recreational vehicle.

When Gary and I started full time RVing we didn't know if we would do it for six months or ???. Here it is, 14 years later, we absolutely love the lifestyle and have no intention of stopping. The thought of living in a home we can't move is scary!

Our "home" is a 2007 36' Escalade fifth wheel. Check it out: We love it, love it, love it!

People have said to us: "Oh, I couldn't live like that - I couldn't do without my . . ." We have everything we ever had in a large home only it is a bit smaller and space efficient! We have two satellite tv's, (very important for the survival of a marriage - Gary is a football/sports fan, Bj is not!) each of us has a laptop computer, an all-in-one printer, my sewing machine and craft area, Gary has his tool area in the exterior hatches and in the truck toolbox. We have it all!

Of course, living in a small space involves living VERY close to your partner. Neither of us requres a large personal space. In fact, when we visit our kids' homes we feel a bit lost in their larger spaces!

We have traveled to all 50 states (but you know we didn't take the fifth wheel to Hawaii) and are making it around again. Where is our favorite place? Monterey, CA. Our second favorite? Santa Fe, NM. Having said that, there is almost no place that we didn't like - our's is a wonderful country.

Think this is enough going on for today. Off to the races!
Gary at his studies.

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