Friday, March 06, 2009

From my window-flowers in the rain

Even in California we love Spring!
While it was raining earlier this week I looked out my window and thought I actually had an artichoke growing on my plant! Grabbed my camera and took pictures of my "artichoke," and also the miniature roses and narcissus blooming in my container garden. Raindrops on the plants sparkled when a ray sunshine popped through. (I don't think they are very evident in these photos.)
After further inspection I see that my artichoke bloom is, in fact, not an artichoke at all -- darn! I DO have an artichoke plant in this pot but the flower belongs to another, unknown species to me, plant!
Vivian, my daughter-in-law to be someday, has a green thumb and loves to layer bulbs and plants in pots so I never know what will pop up!

Today the rain is about gone so I went out to take a few more pictures. The "artichoke flower that isn't an artichoke flower" is sprouting these cute little purple flowers, the miniature rose is being visited (is that a bee or a fly?) and the bleeding hearts plant is blooming.

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