Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We go to the snow-South Lake Tahoe

"I think I'll just stow in Betty's suitcase."From our window at Harvey's

West Fork of Carson Creek

Can you see the white dog in the snow?

Most of us Californians don't get much snow where we live so we "go to the snow" so here I am writing from the warmth of my room and enjoying the glorious snowy scenery of Lake Tahoe and the mountains!

We dropped the fifth wheel off at Camping World in Gilroy yesterday morning. The convection part of the convection/microwave oven has failed so it will be replaced, thankfully it is still covered by the warranty. We will pick it up on Thursday on the way back to Laguna Seca.

Back to the snow story...we again chose to drive the scenic Highway 88 up to Tahoe and were treated to the breathtaking beauty of new snow, the result of the latest snow storm last weekend. Although it was cold, in the low 20's, the sun was shining and the snow was dropping from the pine trees, often times startling us when it plopped onto the windshield.

I love to "GO TO THE SNOW!"

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