Friday, April 26, 2013

A tale of shoes. . .

Last Saturday Gary and I went up to the Gilroy Skechers outlet store and bought each of us a pair of Skechers (he needed them, I wanted them.)  We happened to see Jorden’s favorite, a Van’s shoe store, and, since his were looking really sorry Gary went in and bought two pair, one on sale and the second pair at half price!  Such a deal!

Jorden was visiting the Fresno Five (that’s what we call Russ & Denise and their three) and when Russ heard about the shoe purchase he said, Hey, there’s another grandson who really needs shoes!  Jorden said Will’s pinky toe is sticking out of his shoe.

So Papa and I headed over to Famous Footwear to buy some shoes for Will . . .something neon was the request.  Oh my, there were a lot to choose from! Which would he like?  We narrowed it down to three and sent IPhone pictures:

Did Will chose this one OR. . .


This one OR. . .


This one?


He chose the first one.  In his words he loved the first one!  (Interesting ‘cause that’s the one we were going to buy if we couldn’t reach him for a decision!)

Mission accomplished but wait---we can’t send a box to Will and not include Stanley and Mary even if they don’t need shoes!  So, it’s over to Old Navy where we pick a cute pink ruffled top for Mary and a cool T-shirt for Stanley.

Box in the mail yesterday!  Mission now accomplished!

The four best grandchildren fresh out of the pool:


And that is the tale of how the purchase of a pair of shoes turned into the purchase of five pairs of shoes, one ruffled top and one T-shirt!

Life is good!!


  1. What a deal! Sounds like a lot of happy feet....
    I wore a pair of Sketcher sandals to walk the trails in North Carolina last week. SO comfortable!

  2. Ha! I bought Sketchers Walkers while in Dubai in December but they lost their cushion very fast and now I can't wear them for walking at all. :/ I can tell that your grandkids are definitely sunkissed. :) Have a great day. Tammy