Saturday, October 16, 2010

Back in time…Traveling the Mother Road through Albuquerque, New Mexico

DSCN1395Gary traveled original Route 66 with his parents, at times in this trailer, BEFORE the Interstates came through and bypassed the towns along the old highway.


We traveled it, this time in the Escalade 5th wheel RV we call home, from Albuquerque to Oklahoma City where it heads north. We stayed several nights at the Isleta Lakes RV Park (and very close to a casino for Gary) just south of Albuquerque.


Old Route 66 is called Central Avenue through Albuquerque. A drive down Central Avenue takes us back in time.  A few of the old motels are still open (and even offer Wi-Fi etc.) but most are dilapidated; mere shells of their glory years. What I found intriguing along the route are the old signs which remain as reminders of the past.

I won’t comment too much about the signs.  I think its fun to just look and imagine the time period of the motel.


El Dorado Motel:  look at the cowboy and horse!  Remind you of a certain 50’s movie star?  Of course. . . Roy Rogers and Trigger!  Remember the Saturday matinees featuring them, Tom Mix, Gene Autry?  We could hardly wait for next week’s serial adventures.  Of course, we girls absolutely loved Dale Evans!


In the “olden days” motels were often called courts.  



Very futuristic isn’t it! DSCN1349

A teepee motif although what was left of the motel itself was definitely not teepee related.


Tewa Lodge with its Southwestern architecture.  Perhaps named after the New Mexico Pueblo Indian’s language.



“Lodge. . .a fancy name for motel? DSCN1367DSCN1357 DSCN1364DSCN1365    DSCN1370

The motel signs are most prominent but look at this old Texaco gas station sign!  The sign below states that Jones Motor Company originally opened in1933 as a Ford dealership and Texaco gas station and is now a restaurant and brewpub.


While the building appears to be extensively remodeled the sign and marquee reflect the glory days of the Hiland Theatre.


Lobo Theatre is living a new life as a church.


Thought you were going to get away without hearing about our obsession with food and eating adventures huh?  Don, Gary & I “discovered” Bea’s 2 New Mexican Restaurant in 2000 when we were buying our Travel Supreme 5th wheel and make it a point to eat there whenever we are in Albuquerque.  The BEST sopapillias! (Deep-fried pastry puffs served served as dessert, with honey poured between its two layers via a hole made by biting off one corner.)DSCN1356  


  1. Okay - you are living my life - this is exactly what I would like to do. How in the world did you get started and did you have a lot of money saved up?

    Thanks for commenting on ,my blog - I am so glad to find you!


    PS I have always wanted to drive the old ROute 66 and see all that.

  2. We were lucky enough to retire early--me, I took advantage of a wonderful Early Retirement Opportunity from Pacific Bell.
    In the past we usually supplemented our income by volunteering as hosts or Workamping at private parks-often it is in exchange for our RV site. Recently we were live-on volunteers for Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey, CA.
    We've always loved RVing and decided to really do it full time.
    We've been to all 50 states at least once and always have new experiences when we return! We've always enjoyed traveling Route 66.
    Our favorite place? Its still Monterey, CA, where we are from :-) BSanta Fe, NM is our 2nd.