Monday, October 25, 2010

A Carnegie Library AND Morgan Freeman…all in one day!


We diverted a bit off track to find the Carnegie Library in Clarksdale, Mississippi.  Once in Clarksdale We had a hard time getting to it when we encountered an underpass which didn’t have enough clearance for the 5th wheel (sure glad we noticed that before attempting that route!) but we meandered around Clarksdale, eventually made our way across the railroad tracks and reached what we thought was our main destination for the day.    DSCN1805

This 1914 Carnegie Library has been extensively remodeled and, other than the  interesting signs over two doorways, about all of the original interior remaining is the tall windows and dark beams upstairs in what is now the children’s room. 


Imagine how smoky that room must have gotten!


The “pictures” between the windows are letters of the alphabet crafted in various mediums.  The same talented artist also made these stained glass panels.  Oh, to be blessed with that kind of talent!





Dark stained beams and columns remain in the upstairs Children’s room.


I talked to the very friendly Children’s Librarian for a long time, all the time hoping that Gary had found a place to park the rig and wasn’t circling the block as has happened in the past! 

As I was leaving the Librarian asked if I had had lunch and said I should try Morgan Freeman's place Ground Zero “just down Delta Street on the right.”  She said the exterior doesn’t look very welcoming  since it was designed to look like an old shack. 

Outside I was relieved to see that Gary had indeed found a parking place and we set off down the street to see this place.


AND THEN IT GOT EVEN MORE INTERESTING! Old sofas, marred windows, junk on the porch, peeling paint, the old cotton warehouse looks like an abandoned building!  Oh my, I would have never chosen this place but it came with a LIBRARIAN’S recommendation so in we went! 


We Walked in the door and there he was. . . Morgan Freeman sitting at a table with a glass of tea! Cool!  He give us a friendly nod when we walked by his table and then again later when he walked by—on the way to the men’s room. (Is this T.M.I.?)

Enough about the movie star and on to the food.  Gary ordered the Catfish plate special—catfish, butterbeans, corn and corn muffin.  Why is he ignoring his food?  He is smiling at Morgan Freeman.


Something new for this Yankee:  a fried green tomato sandwich, and yes, it was good!  Of course, there was bacon on it, EVERYTHING is good with bacon isn’t it?  Also, “git-back” sauce which our waitress Betty said was just a few things they put together in the kitchen.  (A secret sauce!)

DSCN1814.JPG rev

Ground Zero is a Blues Club and Betty told us that Clint Eastwood comes in often when he is in town.

Writing and signs on every inch!  We signed our tablecloth.


The stage.DSCN1810

Even if this hadn’t been Morgan Freeman’s place we would have considered it a real find in our quest for the next great “back-door” type eatery.

P.S. Don & Lee, you would have loved it!

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  1. I love fried green tomatoes - I just asked a friend for the recipe today.

    Just saw the movie Red - with Morgan Freeman.

    And I love the Carnegie Library.