Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 12-Two days of sunrise on the Mississippi River

There are few RV parks we enjoy as much as Tom Sawyer's RV Park in W. Memphis, Arkansas.

Several years ago while we were Workampers at what is probably our favorite place, Rancheros de Santa Fe Campground (see Don, Lee, Gary, grandson Jorden and I in the photo under the “Employment” tab) a visitor recommended Tom Sawyer’s to Lee.  This was during the years when Don & Lee full-time traveled with us.  At that time the route to get to the park was through a not very nice section of W. Memphis.  “Lee, what are you getting us into?” I radioed on my walkie talkie.  Finally, through the bad neighborhood, we next drove up over the levee and down a long narrow gravel drive (it has since been paved :-)  Where or where are we going?  The movie “Deliverance” came to mind.  Then. . .an opening in the trees and there was the Mississippi River!  WOW.  WOW. WOW.  We loved it and have been back several times.

So Gary & I are back!  Check out the sunrise on two mornings.  Don’t expect to see many more sunrise photos…you may be aware that I am not a sunrise person, sunsets come at a much more reasonable time of the day.DSCN1635

One of the smaller barges on the river.


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