Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Mother Road, part 2—next stop Tucumcari, NM

 DSCN1395I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Tucumcari with our Mother Road travels.(don’t you just love the sound of that name Tu-cum-cari…rolls off the tongue so nicely.) DSCN1396

I mentioned in Traveling the Mother Road part 1 that vintage motel signs seem to tell the “Mother Road” history.

A safari in New Mexico? How exciting!


Do we want to relax at the Relax Inn or experience the more adventuresome-sounding Apache Motel? 


UMMM-Trigger was a Palamino wasn’t he?   Very popular in the 50’s.


Palm trees. . .in New Mexico?  Not so many I’m thinking.


Now Cactus…yes there are cactus-or is it cacti?


I liked the The Blue Swallow so much that I Googled it and learned that this14 room motel has been renovated and decorated in 1950’s retro style.  It was built in 1939 and is listed on National and State Historic Registers.


The #1 factor when we pick a lunch stop when traveling with our rig involves finding a parking lot which will accommodate 50+ feet length.  We have a long-standing rule not to get our heart set on a particular place or type of food. . .have been frustrated too often when we spot what looks like a wonderful place but no parking!  Or…”I’m hungry for Taco Bell”, either no Taco Bell within miles or “there’s one, ohhhh nooo, look at that teeny parking lot.”

We hit pay dirt when we spotted the huge steer sitting atop this restaurant sign. . .yeah, a big parking lot to boot!  I don’t remember what Gary and Jorden had but do remember my stuffed sopaipilla with “Christmas on the side” (red and green Southwestern-style chile sauce.) Of course dessert sopaipillas with honey top off our delicious lunch.

We later learn that Del’s is a local’s favorite dating back to the time when Interstate 40 was Route 66.


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