Friday, October 22, 2010

Oct 18-Our home on the Mississippi River

Lots of barges on the river this morning. Even after two weeks we still stop what we’re doing to watch and count the number of container barges the tugboat (I’ve also seen them called towboats) is pushing.  Gary is big into counting and says he has seen 49, seven wide and seven long!



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Of course we still find time to find those good restaurants!  Today it was Central B-B-Q.  Great ribs for Gary and a pulled pork and slaw sandwich for me.  I really don’t care for slaw that much but is it ever good on a pork sandwich! The baked beans were delicious.



A beautiful sunset on the way home that night but I just couldn’t get a good picture! Here’s one of the bad pictures for you taken on the bridge going from Memphis back to W. Memphis.



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  1. I joined your blog too - this is going to be so much fun following you on your travels. I want to do this someday too!

    Love the sunset. I'm excited.