Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Johnny Rivers-45 years later…

This week we are “living” at Pecan Grove RV Park in Lake Village in southeast Arkansas. 
We drove across the Mississippi River on this distinctive beautiful bridge.   Apparently it has  recently opened since everywhere we go we hear people talking about whether or not they’ve been across yet.  DSCN1818
Johnny Rivers was in concert at Harlow’s Casino in Greenville, Mississippi.
We were on our way to buy tickets for the show when a lady stopped us and asked if we were going to see Johnny Rivers.  When we said yes, she said “Ya’ll, don’t buy tickets, I have two extras!”  We’re from California and thought “ya, what’s the catch, what’s is she up to?”  Well, she came back and gave us two tickets---that was it…no scam, no nothing!


Then, we get in line to have dinner here at Harlow’s  and a lady (with her two elderly aunts) says to me “I have an extra dinner ticket, I’ll use it for you but he will have to pay for his own.”  And she did!  Gary walks up to the Cashier and hands her his American Express card, she shakes her head no.  He tries cash, she again shakes her head no and then indicates that the man in front of us had a free dinner ticket and she’ll credit the unused dinner to Gary.  We both have free dinner!

SO, the concert was free and our dinner was free!  What a deal.  They must give out a LOT of comps in that casino in order for that many folks to be giving some away!

Yes, he can still sing and plays the guitar even better than in 1965 when Linda, Clif, Gary & I saw him at the Whiskey a GoGo in Hollywood, California.  He asked if we remembered the red guitar he played In his “Whiskey” days and then said “no, this isn’t it.”


In a dimly lit theater my Nikon P100 takes pretty good photos!


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  2. I didn't realize I hadn't added that Gadget! Its there now! Thanks.

  3. Thanks for your blog & the pics. I love Johnny Rivers too, both the Man & his Music....:) Dixie